T-SQL Tuesday #137: Burned All My Notebooks, What Good Are Notebooks?

I’m hopping back in for this month, as we get into a topic I have dabbled with but have only recently used more often: notebooks. This month’s T-SQL Tuesday post is from a figure you might have heard of, Steve Jones (b | t). He’s asking if we use notebooks, how we use notebooks, and […]

T-SQL Tuesday #122: Impostor Syndrome

Time for another of those pieces that upon reading the subject, I had something to say. This month’s topic comes from Jon Shaulis (b|g). Impostor syndrome is hard to bypass no matter your level of skill. I’ve been mindful of impostor syndrome as I have become more experienced and found myself in senior roles. I […]

The TRY Microsession: A T-SQL Tuesday Follow Up

Warning: this post contains expletives Last month, I gave the talk first referenced in last month’s Tuesday blog festival, concerning conversion functions with TRY. I can’t say I wasn’t nervous about giving my first presentation to a professional organization, even as a 101-level lightning talk. I was concerned about my own abilities on that stage, […]

SQL Server Discovery Day, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Hacking

So I’ve really slacked on blogging since starting my own website. My thought was with my own domain that I would do this more. I have a lot of partial drafts right now that are eager for publication. Well, hopefully I have motivating myself merely by typing that. Moving on… This past Saturday, I took […]