2021 Nuun Ambassador

I made a decision in the fall to try to become involved in programs benefitting my passions, hoping to contribute with those who helped me out. Whether it’s data, running, or learning how to navigate when dealing with neurodiversity.

My wife has been a Nuun ambassador going back to 2018, as she has been a frequent user of their hydration products (and I have by proxy). We both enjoy how they help keep us hydrated for athletic endeavors and everyday life. Thanks to Charline’s experiences with the program, she encouraged me to apply for 2021 as well. So I did.

Then I got the email on Monday morning.

I was a bit surprised to be included in Team Nuun for 2021, as I’m not always the “brand ambassador” type. It’s a big honor to show off how great Nuun is as a product. I typically start out with an immunity in the morning, a sport before a workout, and a vitamin in the afternoon. Sometimes we will use the performance powder for endurance activities. Learning how to hydrate is still a process, but it will be nice having the resources to see how others mix this in with nutrition and the like. It is sort of like when we expand our technical knowledge through memberships as I do with data communities.

One thing that’s cool about the Nuun community is that the skill set varies. It’s some newcomers and some elites, and many in between. That’s something worth seeing among communities; knowing that maybe not everyone is an expert on nutrition who is best of the best, but that the person puts in the work. Another good aspect, particularly during pandemic times, is building a network for others. Their Facebook communities are very active, don’t play favorites too much, and encourage cheering on personal bests. We could all use that as a group, couldn’t we?

I look forward to being a part of Team Nuun, and taking some time to know their products even better.

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