The Biography

My name is Chris Voss. Sometimes Cee Dub. Sometimes Vossman. I’m a database and business intelligence professional in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, USA. Here is my website, and here is the mandatory about me section.

A Data Professional
My current focus involves a lot of things related to databases. In particular, I have a passion for data warehousing, business intelligence, and now I  am wading in the data science kiddie pool (you know, before trying to swim in the deep end). Most of what I do is in the Microsoft stack, with a particular focus on SQL Server. I have worked on my share of T-SQL coding (tables, stored procedures, functions, triggers, etc), Integration Services, Reporting Services, and Analysis Services. I have dabbled in Python as well, and MySQL too. Now attempting to dabble in R and machine learning. I have work experience between the marketing, telecom, health care, and education industries, and take part in some area professional groups. So here is where I blog about my experiences and everything that I’m still learning.

An Autism Spectrum Self Advocate
I’m also a self-advocate for matters involving those on the autism spectrum, as a part of the Global and Regional Asperger Syndrome Partnership and the Autism Society of North Carolina. I’m a member of the Human Rights Committee for the latter. You’ll see me post about my experiences on the spectrum as well, as I’ve talked about it sporadically since 2010.

A Person of Other Interests
So you know that I do other things with my life, I’m also a runner, avid vinyl collecting snob music listener, occasional cyclist and triathlete,  fantasy sports participant, and human stepfather to two cats.

Here’s my LinkedIn page for more of the grueling professional details.